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Premium Quality Of Logo Mats

Welcome to the leading supplier of custom mats,  logo mats, branded mats, personalised mats, floor mats, welcome mats, entrance mats, promotional mats, logo branded carpets and door mats for schools, restaurants, hotels, retail store fronts, hospitals, churches and other establishments throughout South Africa.We deliver our branded mats to towns and cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and many more..

We create branded mats and also offer you the opportunity to design a unique, personal and practical customised logo door mat that will be manufactured to your specifications.

Branded Mats keep away all types of dirt and dust from your carpets and floors to make them cleaner, so you don’t worry about dirtiness of the home. The borders of the branded mat have quality to trap liquids, helps in keeping carpets and floors clean and dry, while their upper surface also helps in  keeping shoes dry. They remove large dirt and dust particles before actually stepping onto the tacky portion of the mat.

Logo Mats create a welcoming entrance to your building.  Thanks to the latest techniques, a logo mat can withstand ensuring that colours remain perfectly pristine and bright for the lifespan of the mat.  Our logo mats are available in both standard sizes or customised and can be installed if required. Endless colours, designs, texts, whatever your requirements, a customised logo mat will personalise your entrance.

1. Logo Mats

Logo mats are custom made with your logos and designs which will provide a functional and visually appealing floor mat for customers to use on arrival to your premises.

2. Branded Mats

Branded mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Produced with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, our range of branded mats can withstand medium to heavy foot traffic areas, absorb moisture and prevent slips and falls.

Who We Are

At Biz Logo Mats , we specialize in creating custom rugs and logo mats for clients throughout South Africa. Our rugs are handcrafted and completely customized to your home, business, church and school needs, and you’ll have direct access to the owner to ensure the end result matches your expectations

Why choose Our passion for our business and drive to be number one, keeps us at the forefront when it comes to offering the best selection of quality logo mats products to meet your requirements, if you have a logo matting need – we have the solution. Tailored solutions – Need something unique? Our matting specialists are able to offer you a custom package to suit your company’s requirements and budget. Quality & Innovation – We strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering high performance solutions at competitive prices thus raising the bar in the industry.

You can have custom logo doormats for your offices or home at your shops. These custom mats can also have greetings or welcome logos just according to your demand. It is a very impressive way to greet your visitors at your place.

We offer you the best quality tailored Custom Mats for your domestic and commercial buildings all over the South Africa. They prove them very much durable in both settings

4. Interlocking mats

Our range of interlocking floor mats provide a low-maintenance durable floor surface suitable for garages and workshops. The interlocking system is extremely versatile and easy to install, requiring no surface preparation or adhesives. The floor tiles are flexible and can easily conform to contours or uneven surface levels

5. Branded Runners Mats

Branded Runners Mats are designed to provide safe footing with minimum movement in any environment. Branded Runners are ideal for numerous production locations, walkways, trade events, show rooms, churches  and funeral parlours.

Branded Floor Mats

Branded floor mats are the perfect addition to any lobby or reception area! Create a custom branded mat and make a lasting impression with your clientele. Our custom floor mats are printed with leading-edge digital printers. This ensures crisp designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Greet your visitors with personalized floor matting products using a near-limitless array of vibrant colors and textual effects.

Branded Mats are extremely durable. Owners are often able to enjoy their mat for many years with just some simple care. Branded Mats can maintain their soft and pliable feel making them very soothing for the feet. They are made to withstand the most extreme environments, whether it be rubber door mats exposed to snow and sun outdoors. If you choose darker colors and multi patterns mats for your residential area it will look cleaner and have easy maintenance. Branded Mat holds dust and other allergens until they can be removed properly.

Branded Logo Mats

Custom Size Mats and Custom Logo Mats

Logo mats allow you to present your company’s brand logo and/or key messaging at that crucial point where visitors cross the threshold to your business.

It is about first impressions and first impressions are always the most memorable. Important when these visitors are potential clients!

Behind every successful business is a clear brand identity. Brand awareness is becoming ever more important in a globalised and changeable marketplace. To achieve this, you need to effectively communicate your brand at every possible opportunity. Conveying your marque in the best light at every touch point is vital to creating and sustaining a positive brand image.


Are you looking for Personalized Door Mats  that you can customize
as per your choice? Our entry-printed customized doormats will give your
business a great first impression. At Biz Logo Mats, we have a great
range of doormats to suit almost any home and under everyone’s budget.
The quality of branded doormats at Biz Logo Mats ranges from trench-worthy to
purely decorative. These mats complement your decor style & make
your house look inviting and welcoming to all visitors.

Branded door mats

Custom Logo Mats

Custom Logo mats are ideal for trapping moisture, dust and dirt. The extra non-slip rubber backing adds weight and stability to the mat and is ideal for busy footfall areas. Available in a range of standard sizes and a variety of colours .

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Branded Logo mats

Branded Logo Mats collects moisture and debris from shoes as they enter your building, keeping your facility clean from dirt. We offer a wide variety of branded indoor mats, as well as patterns and colours to choose from. They are a must for any indoor entryway.