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Welcome Mats

Welcome logo mats are the most effective way to make a great first impression on visitors at any location. Offices, schools, retailers, hotels, bars and restaurants use heavy duty, high performance entrances mats to prevent the spread of dirt or moisture from the outside.

Entrance matting plays the vital role of trapping dust and damp to protect flooring, keeps entrance areas clean and presentable and reduces the risks of slips. Biz Logo Mats stock a huge and competitively priced entrance matting range, with a floor mat solution available for everyone.

Customise Your Welcome Logo Mat

Welcome entrance logo mats are great for residential homes as well. They can be used for indoors or outdoors or just anywhere you want to place your branded mats. It doesn’t matter what kind of foot traffic you have – light, medium or heavy, you will find the most beautiful commercial rubber mats to match your needs and aesthetic

Our mats are made from various kinds of materials: rubber, vinyl, and carpet. All of these materials can offer different functions, benefits, and looks, but they are all great at absorbing wetness and scraping off grime and debris from shoes and footwear. They can keep your interiors clean and can protect your floors scuff free. Our high quality main entrance mats can also withstand anything nature throws at it and won’t split or crack from excess heat or cold

Welcome Logo Rugs vs. Logo Mats

One of the most common questions we get is: What is the difference between a Welcome logo rug and a Welcome logo mat? How do I choose the right type for me? This article extensively covers the pros and cons of each production type. If you want the quick answer: Logo rugs are best for events and special occasions. Logo mats are best for everyday use at businesses, offices, and venues. If you need an inexpensive way to put a logo on a rug for a special event or promotion, please consider a carpet decal!

Durable Welcome entrance mats can keep your building’s entryways perfectly covered and your business’s floors protected. They are essential additions to any facility. If you have any questions on the types of entrance mats are best for your business, please contact us.