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OutDoor Logo Mats

Designed for use in high traffic entrances the outdoor logo mat in this mat in inlaid to provide a clear logo finish. This logo mat is suitable for use outdoors under cover and is designed to absorb water and trap debris with in the small rubber dam border that surrounds the mats

Outdoor Logo Mats for Your Brand

The Inlaid heavy duty reinforced outdoor  logo mat is developed to withstand heavy traffic and also remain functional and retain its original appearance for the life of the mat. The unique square pattern surface is reinforced to prevent the pile from crushing and losing its functionality. This mat is developed to absorb a large amount of water and remove dirt and debris from shoes while trapping it in the rubber dam border that surrounds the mat.

The carpet surface has been made from solution dyed poly propylene to prevent the material from fading and will withstand high foot traffic. The 100% nitrile rubber backing is thermally moulded to the carpet surface.

Due to the inlaid heavy duty reinforced logo mat’s capacity to absorb and retain both moisture and debris, it is essential that this is extracted regularly to ensure the mat remains fully functional and lasts, full cleaning instructions are made available in the cleaning instructions tab.


outdoor mat at an entrance

Customised Outdoor Logo Mat

Our Outdoor Logo Mat is the ideal solution when you need a mat for outdoors, or when you need a wider range of colours for an indoor scraper mat than we offer in our coir range.

We have a choice of over 72 standard colours in our palette. The printing options are so versatile, the only limit to the design possibilities is your imagination.

We have made these for sports stadiums, business entrances, schools, restaurants and more. Complex designs are no problem at all.

Your business logo or design will be printed onto the mat and will withstand machine washing to keep it looking pristine.