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Customized Door Mats

Custom floor mats and custom logo mats for indoor, outdoor, and commercial entryways – made in South Africa! High quality commercial flooring materials and custom branded mats make our products a top choice logo mat industry wide. A combination of durability, function, safety, and appearance.

Customized Welcome Doormat

Custom logo door mats make an ideal warming present. Enjoy high quality custom floor mats that will always be polite and welcome visitors into your premises. Create your custom door mats design . In a few days you will be receiving your custom doormat so guests will get to see your entrance front door mats personalized at their feet, perhaps in their honor. They’re water absorbent and backed with 0.08″ thick durable,  rubber backing, perfect for every floor. Design your own doormat to make a worthy entrance even more so

Customizable Door Mats

Welcoming your clients with a beautiful branded customised logo mat is a great way to leave a lasting first impression. It’s a smart way to communicate your brand message throughout your building and to your customers. Looking for a professional entrance mat that delivers your company logo? Custom Gear offers the best range of custom branded floor mats and logo door mats in South Africa. We use only the finest quality materials when manufacturing our personalised mats, ensuring that your logo and message is clearly presented to your clients in the best possible way. Our entire floor logo mats range is fully customisable and durable to ensure they’re going to look great and really grab the attention of anyone who walks over them.

Custom floor mats / custom logo mats are the most commonly used vinyl logo mat with nitrile rubber backing. Seen throughout business entrances, office buildings, at the market, bars & restaurants, hotels, casinos, and stores who wish to brand their entrances, lobby, and front desk / customer service areas with door mats. These custom logo mats come in 26 high twist, heat set nylon colors that trap dirt and water from shoes. Designed for strength, longevity, comfort, and easy care maintenance! Logo designs are digitally printed with a range of fine details, gradients, shading, and 3D elements. Slip resistant features include black rubber back for smooth floors & surfaces and cleated for carpet areas

Custom Branded Door Mats & Floor Mats

Branded custom logo mats for businesses

Custom door mats are the perfect way to promote your company’s image. At Biz Logo Mats we make sure that your company’s brand and message is presented to your customers and clients with an eye-catching design that will enhance branding and marketing efforts.

Best quality custom door mats in South Africa

All of our mats are made from high-quality materials to ensure they’re as durable as possible. They can include a personalised message, your brand logo, or any full-color print you want. We make sure that all custom branded door mats are made from most up to date manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, high quality designs and effectiveness. We supply both indoor and outdoor custom logo mats for medium to high foot traffic.

Why choose Biz Logo Mats for your logo door mat?

At Biz Logo Mats we carry a extensive range of quality door mats available for custom branding to suit your business needs. As a company that specialises in custom printed mats in South Africa, our mats are fully customisable to ensure you can find what you need. We offer numerous options for standard sizes as well as the ability to customise the size of your mat. All you have to do is contact us and we do the rest for you